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Clif Bar Review

I would first like to acknowledge Clif Bar and their support and generosity in our project.  When Joe and I first approached the idea of accepting donations, we wanted to make sure we only asked companies with our same ideals about education, community, the environment and conservation.  Clif Bar was one company I knew I wanted to ask but never really believed would sponsor us. They are such a well-known and respected business that it was hard to imagine them taking a chance on us. 

That being said, Joe and I will dive into our opinion on various products including Clif bars, gel shots and blocks. 

Clif Bars:


The first bar I tried was the Carrot Cake.  It tastes as it sounds and if you like the taste of carrot cake you’ll like the taste of this bar.  The only thing missing is the icing. 

When examining the appearance, it looks like your standard Clif Bar formula but with little pops of orange carrot pieces. 

The shelf life of the bars is a plus as well, because even today (a year later) some of the products we received have still yet to expire. 


The second bar I tried was a bar just about to be released, called Gary’s Panforte.  To be brutally honest I dislike this Clif bar and would not be purchasing it in the future.  The reason is the balance of spices is unpleasant.  I’m pretty sure it’s the clove that I taste that strikes the nail in the coffin.  It’s highly pungent in every other bite.  I might enjoy the favor if it had been blended better but the way it is now, just tastes like a bite size chunks of clove and nothing else.  The few bites with pistachio were my favorite. If there were more pistachios throughout, I’d be a very happy lady. 

The appearance of this bar is much darker than the standard.  The look is a deep brown with chunks of hazelnuts and pistachios shining through. 

Clif Shot Blocks:


I choose to start with the Citrus and after I tried them it took me a few days to decide if I liked them or not.  They look like they would have the consistency of a gummy bear but the texture is a bit softer like a gusher without the center containing liquid. 

I remember when using this product in between breaks of moving lumber up and down a hill on the farm, they seemed to give me the burst of energy they advertise.

I decided I liked the Citrus Shot Blocks although Joe wasn’t into the consistency or fan of the citrus. 


The second I tried was Chocolate (I believe) they were actually so new they didn’t even have a label on them yet just an expiration date.  Clif is currently selling Chocolate Cherry on their site but I don’t believe we received that version.  I’m not sure if it’s in the process of being put onto the market or was a rejected product but it was not as chocolaty as I would have liked.  I think the mixture of chocolate and gummy constancy was a bit strange.  I would buy the Citrus over the Chocolate

Joe yet again didn’t like the consistency.  I don’t think the Clif Shot Blocks are something he’d be using in the future. 


Stay tuned for my part two of my Clif product reviews featuring Kit’s Organic and Shot Gel.   

Written By: Nicole Cruz

— 7 months ago
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Our Chickens at 83 days, Alfredo (Yellow) and Nugget (Black).

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Our ducks at 126 days.  Moby (yellow) and Darkwing (Black).

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Review on Clif Bar Products coming soon.  

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Freeplay Review

The first product I tried was the Sherpa LED Torch.  The flashlight is compact and surprisingly light weight.  Since the tent project never went into full swing, see Joe’s blog entry on Facebook for more details, I used the flashlight while camping.  

One of the most beneficial and charming aspects about the Sherpa, is the rechargeable battery through wind up crank.  One minute of winding is equivalent to twenty minutes of light.  I hate buying batteries, I feel they are a waste and environmental impact is too great.  With being able to recharge the battery through little effort, I feel more environmentally conscious.  

While stumbling around in the dark to go to the bathroom, the Sherpa provided enough light to guide the way.  Although it is not as bright as disposable battery flashlights, the light was sufficient for seeing and navigating.  

During one late night around the fire, the Sherpa accidently fell in and the bottom got singed by the flames.  Although this happened I’m happy to say the flashlight is still holding up.  The crank function is still useable and well as providing equal light as before the incent.  Although I don’t recommend dropping your flashlight into the fire, I’m glad the structure of flashlight can hold up being dropped and handled in real life situations.  

If you buy the Sherpa, I think you’ll be happy you did.  The price is the equivalent to most other name brands such as Stanley, Coleman, and Cyclops, although the Sherpa is signatically more compact. In my opinion there is nothing worse than a clunky flashlight while camping.  

Don’t forget to check out more Freeplay products at

Written by Nicole Cruz  

— 7 months ago
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"We are the ones we’ve been waiting for."
 Colin BeavanNo Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process
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Just did a review of our friends over at LEAP Organics.  Check out our blog review and their products.  

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Oragnic Shea Butter Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm

Oragnic Shea Butter Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm

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